Sushi Bar Appetizer - KatanaKatana

Sushi Bar Appetizer

C 1. Special Kani Su 8
Crab meat wrap w/ cucumber in special sauce
C 2. Spicy Tuna Tartar 9
Chopped tuna w/ crunch, spicy mayo & Massago
C 3. Lobster Tartar Appetizer 13
Lobster meat, Tobiko, crunch on top w/ wasabi sauce
C 4. Tako Su 11
Sliced Octopus w/ ponzu sauce
C 5. Idako 7
Marinated baby Octopus
C 6. Yuzu Tuna 13
Tuna on top of salad surround with avocado w/ yuzu sauce
C 7. Screaming Salmon 13
Salmon, asparagus, jalapeno pepper w/ kimchi sauce
C 8. Water Fall 14
Half cut avocado chunk tuna garlic on top w/ spicy sauce
C 9. Sexy Jalapeno 10
Cream cheese, spicy tuna on top of jalapeno and deep-fried with honey wasabi spicy mayo & eel sauce
C10. Yellow Tail Amazing 14
Slice yellow tail, jalapeno on top w/ ponzu sauce
C11. Bake Scallop 13
Scallop, black mushroom, Massago, spring onion, chopped up bake w/ spicy mayo & eel sauce
C12. Maryland Crab Sandwich 16
Sushi rice w/ soybean paper, layer of mango, avocado, steam shrimp & real crab meat w/ old bay
C13. Moon Cake 13
Sushi rice on the bottom, spicy salmon, avocado & tuna on top w/ special sauce
C14. Fruity Ninja 13
Spicy albacore tuna, salmon, mango & avocado w/ plum sauce
C15. Fire Ocean 16
Half cut Avocado topped with light fire roast fish combo (tuna, white tuna, yellowtail, salmon, red snapper) and mango. Served with special yuzi-miso sauce.
 * Raw or undercooked seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of food borne illness.